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Topaz is a stone that has a special shine and a diverse range. It is Superhard and superduty. This stone endowed with both medicinal and magical properties. It was believed that the amulet of topaz is able to favorably affect conception. That`s why it was often given to childless couples. It is a stone of friendship and prudence, joy, optimism and hope.

Healing and magical properties

Blue topaz often became amulets of sailors, as it was believed that they are able to pacify the will of nature and protect from all sorts of sorrows in a long voyage. Golden topaz opened secret knowledge, and pink attracted love and helped in family relations. Any Topaz contribute to the sharpening of intuition, ignite faded feelings and help the owner to have win other people.
Among the healing properties are the following:

  • soothes the respiratory system for colds, prevents coughing and asthma attacks;
  • improves the taste of food, has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract;
  • boosts immune system capabilities;
  • calms the nervous system and treats mental disorders.

Myths and legends

One of the myths tells that Topaz is able to push its owner to a real physical and spiritual transformation. Stone can accumulate energy, and in one moment to allocate flash of light. It is such a flash that will completely melt both the body and the spirit, opening the way to a more perfect existence.

Stone deposits

The largest deposits are in Brazil and the United States, development is underway in Japan and Australia, there are a number of mines in Burma. In Russia, production is carried out in the Urals (Ilmen mountains) and Transbaikalia.