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Zircon – a semiprecious stone which, despite the name ("zircon" came from the Persian zargun that "zolotisny" means), happens the most different shades. It has the unsurpassed refracting features comparable only with diamond in a brilliant facet. In the east these stones stand nearby.
Main subspecies:

  • a hyacinth (from brown to bright red and light pink),
  • starlit (calcinating does zircon of a bright blue shade),
  • яргон (still I call it a slang, it is zircon of yellow color).

Medical and magical properties

From antiquity zircon was considered as a stone of wisdom and the power. It was carried by influential people who wanted to distinguish better a lie, to see the future and to become more observant. Was considered also that zircon allocates with an intuition, helps to find wealth and develops memory.
Among doctors there is an opinion that color of zircon has the defining value at impact on the person. So, diseases of a liver, a stomach and elevated pressure demand yellow zircon. Blue will help to restore a thyroid gland and promotes treatment of a pancreas, the same shade facilitates a state at brain tumors. Black will increase immunity and resilience to viruses.

Myths and legends

Zircon was widely known in the territory of Europe and at the time of the Middle Ages. It was considered an imperfect kind of diamond, called a mantarsky stone as exactly there on Ceylon and found. In the eighteenth century Martin Heinrich Klaprot made the chemical analysis of zircon and is established, at last, that it is a separate type of a stone.
Magicians and exorcists use zircon for protection against evil spirits. Courtesans of France, since the end of the seventeenth century – for maintaining sincere purity.
Zircon, as well as some other stones, is from the ancient country of Lemuriya which is not on cards for a long time. There it was considered as a powerful magic artifact.

Deposits of stone

Are found by the most part of a deposit of zircon on the island of Sri Lanka, fields are available in Thailand, Vietnam and on the peninsula of Madagascar. Some types are got in the territory of the USA, a number of the mines is in Norway, Brazil, the production is conducted in Canada, Australia and Russia.