Lapis lazuli

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Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli – a heavenly stone which differs in the cleanest blue shade. Traditionally it is considered that he answers only white magicians, that is that at whom thoughts are pure and heart is noble. Lazuritovy powder was used as protection against poisons, jewelry with this mineral helped at a number of diseases, improved a metabolism. As the gift, Lapis lazuli means sincere arrangement and complacency.

Medical and magical properties

In the east a beads from Lapis lazuli protected pregnant women from complications and abortions. A stone restored sight, treated for exhaustion, improved a condition of hair, skin and nails.
It is considered that the stone contributes to normalization of pressure, improvement of a dream, saves from nightmares and neurosises. He helps patients with asthma, removes painful symptoms at radiculitis. Some types, for example, got in Afghanistan help healing of ulcers, as on skin, and internal.
Refer to magic properties:

  • just as Lapis lazuli cleans food and drink from poison, it cleans also aura of the person;
  • saves from the besieging evil thoughts and raises a tone;
  • helps to experience offense;
  • protects from negative impact from other people;
  • helps to make the right decisions;
  • gives strength to cope with addictions.

Myths and legends

One of legends says that bible precepts were traced on Lapis lazuli plates. One more myth about origin of a stone is as follows: creating the earth, the sky and water, God at some point thought that the earth looks too blankly and gloomy. He collected a little water and heaven and disseminated through all land surface that it became brighter. And there was a Lapis lazuli.

Deposits of stone/h2>

The first mines were found in Persia. Today this mineral is extracted in the Badakhshansky field and also in Afghanistan, Tajikistan. There is a lot of fields worldwide, besides Badakhshana, qualitative stones receive on Pamir.