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Ametrine combines beauty of amethyst and citrine. He gives to the owner understanding and learns how to live in harmony with the world, besides well influences the immune system, allows to get rid of insomnia. Is suitable for extraordinary and creative persons, allowing them to disclose talent and to be implemented fully.

Medical and magical properties

The main property of this stone is that it is for the owner a powerful source to quiet positive energy. In addition:

  • favorably influences nervous system;
  • purifies blood from toxins;
  • normalizes a dream;
  • pushes to development and saves from apathy;
  • helps to create the harmonious relations;
  • can disclose extraordinary abilities in the owner;
  • pacifies negative power.

Myths and legends

The sad legend is connected with distribution of an ametrin. The Spanish conquistador, having arrived to coast of America, met the daughter of the leader of the Indian tribe. It was so beautiful that heart of the conquistador thawed and therefore he took it in the wife. But happiness them proceeded not for long — the girl was seriously ill. Before death she gave the husband as a gift Ametrine which was stored in the tribe that evil spirits did not push to wars. The conquistador accepted a gift and after the funeral returned home, and the stone presented to the queen of Spain. It with great attention treated beautiful semi-precious stone and began to decorate with it the nightly toilets, having generated thereby fashion for this surprising stone.

Deposits of stone

The largest field is located in Bolivia for what in certain cases the stone is called a boliviant. In addition Ametrine it is delivered from Brazil. The stone rather rare and in other places of the planet does not meet.