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Sapphire – is a variety of the corundum. Stones of different shades were attributed different properties. Blues were most often associated with power. Star sapphires are especially valued. This mineral is often called the stone of heaven and is correlated with the divine gift. They are given to pacify human passions and strengthen the will.

Healing and magical properties

In the East, it was believed that the sapphire is a stone of friendship. It was given other meanings, such as chastity and purity. It is believed that sapphire will always help the owner to distinguish lies, harmonize family relations and strengthen love ties.
Among the therapeutic properties are the following::

  • beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system,
  • ability to prevent asthma attacks,
  • help with diseases of the urinary tract or gynecology,
  • improving the condition of diabetics.

Sapphire calms the nervous system, has a beneficial effect on epileptics, allows to calm the mind and reduces anxiety.

Myths and legends

Many cultures have a variety of myths about sapphire. They all somehow agree on one thing: the stone is a gift of the gods, the embodiment of heavenly blue and purity. The Indians say that man once turned to the gods. He asked to show people what the seventh heaven is. And then one of the gods took a whole bowl of divine nectar and sprinkled it on the ground. So there were sapphires.

Stone deposits

The most famous mines are in the Madagascar, India, as well as located in Tanzania. There are many deposits of stone, and they are scattered almost all over the globe except Antarctica, but not all of them are remarkable. Large stones are mined on the island of Ceylon or in Burma.