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Carnelian – a stone which is most directed to geniality and the love relations. Was considered that the owner of an amulet from this mineral strengthens own love, but at the same time remains it is protected from others love magic influences. It is known that carnelian has also medical qualities, there is even a special industry: carnelian therapy.

Medical and magical properties

The stone well influences on:

  • skin, purifying it from inflammations and reddenings;
  • brain vessels, including saves from migraines;
  • GIT;
  • urinogenital system.

Influence of carnelian strengthens nervous system and reduces stress level. Among magic qualities, besides love, it is worth remembering ability of a stone to protect from negative forces. In addition it strengthens memory, allocates with insight, brings success in affairs.

Myths and legends

Stories about origin of this stone are almost not told, but often say about how with its help to find the soulmate. The warm stone, on legends, awakens warm-heartedness and compassion, allows to look for the whole world differently. A powerful mascot for the owner, but twice better it works as an amulet for the family center.

Deposits of stone

Fields in India are most known, production is conducted in Brazil, Germany, Egypt, Uruguay. The mines are available in Ukraine, in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. It is rich in fields and Russia, especially it should be noted the mines in Eastern Siberia. In general, mineral is spread very widely.