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Garnet is called the stone of love. It gives the wisdom to women and determination and courage to men. This stone has healing properties, long ago it was used for wounds. It was thought to help keep in touch with the world of the dead.

Healing and magical properties


The following properties are best known:

  • accelerates blood clotting and helps tissue regeneration;
  • strengthen immune system;
  • improves gastrointestinal function;
  • it has a beneficial effect on the lungs and upper respiratory tract;
  • relieves chronic migraines.

The stone allows its owners to unleash the internal potential, especially leveraging the power features. As a symbol of love relationships, garnet strengthens feelings, allowing women to gain maturity, and men – loyalty. Among magical practices it had been often used as a bridge, which could would spirits use for a contact.

Myths and legends


There are many myths about the origin and properties of garnet. So, there is a belief that this stone, shining with a divine glow, was used by Noah during the Great flood. According to other legends, garnet is not a stone at all, but a frozen divine blood that fell to the ground and was absorbed by the rocks.


Stone deposits


Amazing stone is mined in many corners of the globe. In Russia, the main mines are in the Urals, in Europe they are in Finland. Large deposits are located in Brazil and Madagascar. According to geological data, the bulk of the garnet is located on the Kola Peninsula.