Production of silver jewelry with natural stones

собственное производство

Silverware over the centuries has become a classic symbol of sophistication and taste, they are loved by women, men also give them their due. Jewelry made of precious metals perfectly complement any outfit, and silver work with natural stones is especially attractive. You can buy silver jewelry with natural stones in our online store. Buying directly from the manufacturer you get a quality guarantee and the best price.

It is easy to make a unique gift with us, which will not be forgotten for many years - on the anniversary, in honor of an engagement or wedding, any other celebration. The best way to show love and respect for a birthday person, lover or relative is to use a jewelry that fully meets the dreams of a particular person, created according to an individual sketch in a single copy, or pick up one of the finished silver jewelry with natural stones.

Silver is always relevant

Silver jewelry appeared in ancient Egypt, and since then gold, although it began to be valued more expensive, being rarer, could not completely replace silver in jewelry. Any woman is glad to replenish her collection with a silver ring or earrings, or better - a set.

A silver product from the manufacturer is a wonderful gift. You can present a ring to a lady of the heart, earrings or a bracelet, a thin chain with an elegant pendant or pendant to your friend. Silver can please a daughter or sister, mother, work colleague. For men, discreet rings and cufflinks are perfect.

собственное производство

Jewelry making

собственное производство

The client can get a unique piece of jewelry by placing an order indicating individual wishes. Since the first stage in the work on the decoration is the preparation of the sketch, the craftsmen can take into account all preferences. You can determine the ideal size and shape, choose the gem with which the product will be inlaid, decide whether to cover or insert other metals. Describe the decoration of your dreams and highly qualified jewelers will translate it into jewelry!

Next, a printed 3D model is created. This makes it possible to see the result in advance and make sure that everything turned out as planned, and if necessary, eliminate the shortcomings. When customer approval is received, we move on to the next step.

The jeweler casts the product in metal and proceeds to its processing. Silver from the manufacturer allows you to create work of high quality and amazing beauty, in which the individuality and amazing combination with the character of the future owner are intertwined so finely that it is impossible to separate.

On the polished jewelry, stones are fixed and final treatment is carried out before plating silver with gold or rhodium, if this is planned. This stage is carried out with great care so that the final version is ideal.

And now, the jewelry is completed and is ready to emphasize the natural beauty of the owner! It remains only to make the payment with one of the available options and choose the delivery method - Russian Post 1 Class (free of charge with an order amount of 7000 rubles).

Benefits of silver from the manufacturer

A number of advantages that you get when ordering silver jewelry with natural stones from the manufacturer:

  • guarantee of high quality performance even of complex sketches;
  • Best Price Guaranteed;
  • 36 months warranty on all silver jewelry;
  • confidence in excellent results and durability.

Precious metals and natural stones are distinguished by their exquisite beauty and always help to look great and feel at their best. Delight yourself and loved ones with luxurious silver products!

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