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Apatite — the mineral reminding topaz at a facet. Has the phosphatic nature. In itself it is colourless, but impurity give it a set of shades. It is considered that it brings to the owner calm, a pacification, that is stabilizes nervous system and well influences mental and emotional states.

Medical and magical properties

Generally apatite has an impact on nervous system and mentality:

  • calms and allows to have stresses easier;
  • normalizes a dream;
  • gives the chance to keep emotions under control.

It is energetically strongly attached to the owner therefore can become a fine mascot. Helps to expect failures, can become a source of prophetic dreams. If at the owner yet not shown disease begins, the stone grows dull. It is the sign that it is time to be examined by doctors.

Myths and legends

Apatite is seldom mentioned in legends. Its name came from Greek "to deceive" as depending on the impurity which are contained in it allowed jewelers to make stones, in accuracy similar to some other semiprecious and bright minerals, for example, on topaz, beryl.

Deposits of stone

Apatite is seldom extracted commercially, but meets almost everywhere. The large-scale deposit is on the Kola Peninsula. It is got also in Transbaikalia. A number of fields are located in North Africa, are available in the countries of Europe (Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Norway). It is got in America, Brazil, India.