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Spinel – the interesting and rare mineral bringing happiness and love. This stone is appreciated strong magic qualities, it is literally capable to completely change human life. Mystics claim that with its help it is possible to look in the future. Medicinal properties of a stone were described for the first time still by Paracelsus. Now it is considered that mineral strengthens an organism.

Medical and magical properties

Jewelry of spinel could provide sexual compatibility of partners. Crystals of a stone were used in magic rituals. The ability to give to the owner of forces on radical change of own destiny became one of the major qualities attributed to a stone.
is necessary to distinguish from curative properties:

  • beneficial influence on blood circulation;
  • improvement of a state at skin diseases;
  • decrease in a pain syndrome at diseases of muscles and joints;
  • positive influence at diseases of eyes.

ome shades help at paralyzes. Pink spinel calms nervous system, and green is effective at headaches.

Myths and legends

НIn the east say that spinel is closely connected with chakra controlling sexual power. It is an ideal mascot for love and sensual passion. To women mineral helps to find the faithful partner, to men – to restore sexual function.

Deposits of stone

Mineral in Kampuchea is extracted, the mines are available in Thailand, India. Fields are located also in Vietnam, Tajikistan, in Australia and on the peninsula of Madagascar. Production is conducted also in Russia, in Yakutia.