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Ruby is a very beautiful and noble gemstone. It not only represents wealth, but also can be used as a protective amulet. Special attention is drawn to the so-called “star” rubies – during cutting of such ruby one can see peculiar divergent rays. For a long time this mineral has been used for treating wide variety of diseases. In addition, it was a symbol of passion; this gemstone could enhance the demonstration of the forcefulness of the owner and awakened psychic powers.

Medical and magical properties

It was considered that ruby has a beneficial effects on the following systems of the body:

  • G. I. tract;
  • vision;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • nervous systems.

It helped to stop epileptic seizures, treated the lingering tonsillitis and withdrew from prolonged depression. In addition, the gemstone had a beneficial effect on appetite, relieved the fatigue and returned to normal sleep.
A ruby protected the owners from the negative energy and magical rituals that were performed over them. It was believed that it was able to protect from natural disasters. The mineral gave courage, amplify the attraction and gave passionate love.

Myths and legends

There are many legends and myths about rubies, many of them connect this stone with divine powers. In Islamist traditions it is said that the rubies are that stones that the fourth heaven was made of. In the Christian religion it was often suggested that the ruby had the power of all other stones.

Deposits of stone

The mines with a ruby are located in every corner of the globe except Antarctica. The highest prices are for gemstones from East Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, as well as Tanzania, Kenya. The quality of Tajik rubies is also very impressive to experts.