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Berill is silicate. This beautiful stone belongs to precious. Favorably influences an organism of women, improves a metabolism, activity of a brain, helps to keep good relations in family. The emerald, aquamarine, helior belong to the main versions, avgustit, fenakit, etc.

Medical and magical properties

Beryl is considered a family stone. He helps to improve the relations between spouses, strengthens their feelings to each other and mutual passion. Besides, gives to the owner ability will evade from failures and allows to achieve success in a professional field. Improves concentration, helps to place priorities, forces to aspire and achieve goals. Litoterapevta note that beryl:

  • strengthens the immune system of the person;
  • favorably influences a GIT;
  • allows to improve a condition of patients with hepatitis;
  • well helps at gynecologic diseases.

Beryl and for prediction of destiny is used.

Myths and legends

The stone was used still by the Egyptian Pharaohs and has rich history.
One of legends of origin of this stone says that when God expelled Lucifer from heaven, the fallen angel missed beryl from the crown. Most likely, it is about a green emerald which is considered one of the most expensive types.

Deposits of stone

In the territory of Russia fields are located in the Urals and in the territory of Siberia. Deposits are available in Brazil, the USA. Also production is conducted in India, on Madagascar, in Namibia. According to some information the mines are available also in Ukraine (on Volhynia).