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Tourmaline – a multi-color stone which depending on a shade differs on the properties and qualities. It is known for favorable impact on an endocrine system and the general state of health. Mystics and magicians use it to concentrate during meditations. It is considered that tourmaline can serve as protection it negative pow

Medical and magical properties

Increasing immunity of the owner, tourmaline also:

  • well influences a dream;
  • prevents development of oncological diseases;
  • helps to restore blood circulation;
  • has positive effect on kidneys.

Special force is attributed to black tourmalines. They not only revitalize the owner, but also promote clarification of its aura.
It is necessary to distinguish from magic properties:

  • help to find the way to lives;
  • calm and give courage;
  • help to follow to the purpose;
  • fence off from a stream of powers of darkness.

Myths and legends

Many legends agree that tourmaline has extraterrestrial origin and is a peculiar moneybox of unique knowledge, having seized which, the person will be able to get up on other step of development. A certain divine mind left fine stones on the earth, hoping that the mankind will be able to learn wisdom.

Deposits of stone

The main fields are located in the territory of the USA, in Brazil, on the peninsula of Madagascar. There are mines in Russia, Transbaikalia and also in the Urals, in Africa, in Afghanistan and Australia.