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Citrine is a stone widely used for inlay-work in the past. It helped to cure digestive diseases. People have known the golden-yellow stone for a long time and valued it as an amulet bringing good luck.

Healing and Magical Properties

Its healing effect on digestive system is not the only useful property. Wearing citrine jewelry soothes nerves and is beneficial for general health improvement. Certain properties of the stone are recognized by magic tradition:

  • positive impact on human energy field;
  • attraction of good luck, wealth and fame;
  • help in avoiding unprofitable deals;
  • support in estimation and rational use of one’s strength.

Healing and Magical Properties

Citrine jewelry provided protection from snake and scorpion bites, as well as magic spells and the evil eye.
A beautiful legend explains people’s belief in citrine’s power to clear the way for lovers by removing any obstacles. Once a Spanish conquistador fell in love with a daughter of an Indian chief, when he saw her on the shore of America. The girl charmed the Spaniard, and he was going to make her his wife. Though the chief did not mind and even offered a land plot as a wedding gift, the conquistador had doubts. The feeling of being unfaithful to his nation haunted him. However, the girl came to him with a large citrine in her hands and dispelled contradictions from his mind. After their marriage, citrine deposits were discovered in the land that the Spaniard had got from his wife’s father as a gift.

Deposits of stone

Brazil produces most of the stones in the world. Besides, there are citrine fields in USA, on Iberian Peninsula and Madagascar. Russian deposits of the mineral are located in Ural.