by Администратор Главный

Aventurine is quartz subspecies with the smallest impregnations of mica which add flickering shine. Has several shades. The name in different cultures changed according to the attributed magic and other properties, so, in Russia was called златоискр, and in China – "a love stone". The settled name was born in Italy. Stones of different shades had different properties: pink – helped to meet the beloved and to start a family, orange — in trade, cherry — to realize talent, etc. The stone differs in favorable impact on nervous system, stabilizes an emotional background, helps to restore the dream mode. Well influences skin, it is applied at diseases of a thyroid gland and GIT.

Medical and magical properties

Aventurine has various properties:

  • helps to achieve success;
  • protects from external negative impact and sorrows;
  • well influences nervous system and improves work as cardiovascular;
  • helps at diseases of respiratory organs;
  • eliminates migraines;
  • strengthens memory;
  • differs in salutary action at urolithic diseases.

It is worth remembering that concrete properties will depend on a shade.

Myths and legends

Legends attribute to owners of a stone surprising luck and success in affairs, including on the love front. Aventurine allows to remain always with the easy head and clear thoughts, without allowing to deceive the owner. Self-confidence and a positive spirit do owners of sparkling mineral by winners!

Deposits of stone

The richest fields are developed in Russia, Austria, India and Brazil. Blue aventurine is extracted near Salzburg, green — Indian. In Spain there is a field of a red-brown stone, and yellow bring from America.