Mother of pearl

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Mother of pearl

Mother of pearl – mineral which in essence is not a stone is the internal surface of sinks processed in a special way. Scale is many-sided — from white-blue to golden-brown. Differs in fragility. It is considered that mother of pearl prolongs life and saves from diseases. Brings wealth and prosperity to the house.

Medical and magical properties

And today recognize that mother of pearl has the rejuvenating properties. It is added to the cosmetics which are well influencing skin and stopping aging processes. By means of this mineral bleach skin that is very much appreciated in the Asian countries. Also mother of pearl favorably influences organs of hearing.
Mascots and jewelry with mother of pearl help to strengthen the immune system, to calm nerves and to increase the general working capacity.
Besides that mother of pearl brings welfare to the house, attribute it also other magic properties:

  • keeps the harmonious relations between partners;
  • pushes to be engaged in creativity;
  • protects from evil spirits.

There are certificates that the water nastaivayemy on mother of pearl becomes curative.

Myths and legends

Mother of pearl accompanied mankind many millennia. Finishing is found by it also in tombs of Pharaohs, and in ancient Romans. It is considered that Neron ordered facing of walls of own palace this material.

Deposits of stone

Production of sinks happens on the coast of Japan, in the Red Sea, on Philippines, in the Persian Gulf. Besides, they are lifted from a bottom on Ceylon.