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Corals are skeletons from sea inhabitants who form colonies on reeves. They can be various shades — about 350, but the main consider red, nacreous, black, white, pink and blue (akkora). Medicinal properties of "a sea flower" have the evidence. Wearing jewelry with corals promotes blood circulation improvement, purifies skin. Long since was considered that coral jewelry drives away evil forces and spares happy life.

Medical and magical properties

It is possible to distinguish the following from medicinal properties:

  • memory improvement;
  • normalization of a metabolism;
  • beneficial influence on integuments.

Wearing a coral beads lightens vitality and the mood.
Magic properties are as follows:

  • white and nacreous corals favorably influence female power;
  • red suit men, do them resolute, persistent, enhance male lines;
  • the presented stones become a symbol of welfare and happy life;
  • protect the owner from influence of powers of darkness.

Myths and legends

One of legends of corals belongs to the Greek epos, namely, concerns the myth about a jellyfish to the Gorgon. The poisonous Gorgon killed with a look, and her blood was capable to turn live to stone too. When Perseus beheaded it, blood got on the seaweed growing at the coast. Those hardened and became blood-red. From here and the Greek name – a gorgeana.

Deposits of stone

Production of corals is manufactured in Japan and Australia, on the Malay Archipelago, in the Mediterranean Sea. Fields are available in the Bay of Biscay, for the coast of Taiwan, near the Canary Islands, near Turkey, Algeria and on the coast of Sardinia.