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Tanzanite is an interesting stone discovered by mere accident and first classified as a sapphire. Numerous investigations confirmed at last that it was a different mineral. Its deep blue colour can improve eyesight and soothe nerves. The stone attracts wealth and success in career.

Healing and Magical Properties

In addition to its beneficial effect on eyes, tanzanite cures fever, reduces skin inflammation, dermatitis, and is good for joints and spine. There is an opinion that the stone helps to stay young.
Its magical properties are not limited to its influence on career advancement. The owner of tanzanite can achieve harmony in family relationship and develop psychic abilities. The stone is often recommended as a remedy for depression, as it gives strength to overcome emotional stress, get read of anxiety, uneasiness and bad thoughts.

Myths and Legends

In spite of the fact that tanzanit it is found not too long ago, its origin already gained mythical lines. The stone of surprising blue found the shepherd-masayem, according to locals, appeared in a mystical way. In hot and droughty summer the lightning fell from heaven. It was such force that turned the ordinary earth into gemstones. And was born tanzanit.

Deposits of stone

The only known place of its origin is Tanzania (Arusha Region), from which the stone derives its name.