Sterling Silver Jewelry with Blue Topaz (natural)

Blue Topaz

Topaz - stones that are known for their "water" transparency, a delicate, attractive shade. It seems that they contain a mountain river or a piece of an infinitely high blue sky ...By its chemical composition, topaz is aluminum fluorosilicate - it is a natural mineral, very hard and durable, almost matching in its properties to diamonds, sapphires and rubies. It is interesting that topazes, which are most often found in a sky blue hue, are actually represented by almost all colors. Jewelers know topazes:

• green;

• white;

• yellow;

• pink.

By the way, natural blue topazes processed in a special way look very interesting, which have a deep gray-blue color, which is called "London". In addition to London topazes, you can get a rainbow variety “Mystic”, which is obtained also due to the fact that the thinnest layers of noble metals are applied to the stone.

And although it is necessary to process the stone to obtain a unique color, London topazes and mystic topazes are completely natural stones that do not lose their special properties.

Only natural stones are presented in our catalog, the authenticity of which is confirmed by studies of gemological institutes. Our jewelers use primarily blue minerals, but saturated London topazes are also found in collections.