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Turquoise attracts happiness to the owner. This fragile, having a specific shade mineral can often be met in jewelry. The stone has a special impact on mental capacities of the owner, besides, it preserves against failures and troubles, protects from sorrows and diseases, gives long life.

Medicinal and magic properties

It is possible to distinguish the following from numerous qualities of turquoise especially:

  • helps to stabilize a psychoemotional state, to cope with a depression;
  • strengthens immunity, saves from chronic fatigue;
  • improves a metabolism;
  • well influences lungs;
  • normalizes a dream, eliminating insomnia;
  • accelerates regeneration of fabrics.

It is the fine protective charm pushing the owner to self-realization, is a symbol of romantics, guarantee of firm friendship.

Myths and legends

About turquoise a set of legends in east cultures. It is considered that from this stone there were table vytesana on which Magomet brought precepts to the people. Myths about the grieving lovers, rings with turquoise — the traditional gift confirming deep feelings are especially poetical. On a legend, the stone concluded in a frame predicted about misfortunes or unfaithfulness, allowed lovers to feel each other at distance.

of the Field of a stone

The most qualitative stones get in Iran, before all field were open on the Sinai Peninsula. Besides the mines are and the USA, in France, is in Afghanistan and in Australia. The small field is available in Russia, China and India.