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Moonstone – mineral, surprising on beauty, which was always considered as a gift of the Moon! It calms the owner and is capable to save it from negative freight. Especially suits women as strengthens a natural charm. It is considered that jewelry with this mineral attracts true love.

Medical and magical properties

The moonstone favorably influences mentality, calms nerves, is capable to suppress angry flashes or rough emotions. It is considered that pendants and bracelets from it help to pull out, improve the general state and take off fatigue. The stone is useful to normalization of a dream, lowers force and reduces frequency of epileptic seizures. In general, improves a condition of mentality and brain activity. Well influences work of heart and the vascular system.
Mystics and esoterics allocated it with the following qualities:

  • as the mascot of true love, attracts pure feelings in life;
  • helps to resolve the conflicts;
  • awakens imagination;
  • strengthens an intuition;
  • gives forces and activates the hidden energy.

People of creative tendencies and professions can use a stone as a mascot.

Myths and legends

Once Long's goddess went down on the earth and wandered among the sleeping human settlements. It and on the earth radiated soft light and where passed, this shine left a mark. By the dawn such traces hardened, addressing a stone of amazing purity.

Deposits of stone

The richest mine is located on Sri Lanka today. Developments are conducted near St. Petersburg. Fields are available in the USA, Tanzania, on Madagascar.