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Emerald — is the jewel, the symbol of the goddess Isis. The Greeks considered it as a stone of shining, in many cultures it became a symbol of hope and wisdom. Emerald is not devoid of medicinal qualities, it has antibacterial properties and is able to purify water.

Healing and magical properties

Among the healing qualities should be distinguished:

  • helps to get rid of headaches;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • treats joint diseases;
  • helps with diseases of the genitourinary system.

The most remarkable among magical properties is ability to help the owner beat the evil propensities. In addition, emerald promotes loyalty and cleanses the aura. It is believed that the stone is the protector of family ties. It helps to overcome the negative impact.
In séances, the stone was used for establishing more reliable communication with the spirits.

Myths and legends

There are many myths about the emerald. In addition to the mention in the biblical texts, where it is said that this stone fell from the crown of Lucifer, there are others storeis about the mineral`s origin. The Incas had an emerald goddess called Umina. In Egypt, the emerald was a symbol of Isis, and therefore symbol of motherhood and fertility.

Stone deposits

Today, the main production is concentrated in Zambia, Brazil and Colombia. In addition, deposits are available in South America, Europe and Africa. The mineral is also mined in the Ural Mountains, there are mines in Madagascar, in Ghana, in Australia. Small deposits were discovered in Afghanistan, Austria, and Norway.