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Morganite - it is pink beryl which is also called vorobyevit. For the first time it was discovered in California. It helps to restore forces at exhaustion, well influences human mentality. Pushes the owner to self-improvement and promotes awakening of a creative power. Products from this mineral and ornament are capable to push the child to knowledge and help with training.

Medical and magical properties

Litoterapevta note that the stone is capable:

  • to alleviate spiritual and physical suffering;
  • improves a condition of nervous system;
  • strengthens heart and walls of vessels;
  • promotes simplification of course of gynecologic diseases;
  • reduces pain syndromes at diseases of a backbone and joints.

Morganite attracts good luck and helps the owner on a course of life. For the family relations one of the best mascots maintaining harmony and rest. Gives an opportunity to realize secret desires, allocates the owner with responsiveness. Was considered that amulets with morganity promote a prize in lawsuits and aggravate reason.

Myths and legends

Buddhists believed that pink beryl is a gift of heaven. All wisdom of the Universe consists in a six-sided stone, Buddhist monks said, to solve secrets of all real only the one who is capable to find such crystal will be able and to get its support.

Deposits of stone

Today the stone is got in the Urals, in the USA and Brazil, on the peninsula of Madagascar, in the People's Republic of China. There are mines in Afghanistan, in Zimbabwe. Some fields are located in Mozambique and on Elba Island.