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Agate is the semiprecious kind of quartz and chalcedony differing in good durability. Easily resists to the increased acidity therefore it is applied to production of the vessels used in the chemical industry. In many myths the ability to distinguish good people from bad is attributed to agate. The stone strengthens health, well influences brain activity, gives inspiration. Being a source of rest and harmony, agate cleans aura of the house and allocates it with favorable energy.

Medical and magical properties

Agate is famous for a set of merits:

  • the dream calms, gives pleasant dreams;
  • helps to cope with fever;
  • cures GIT problems;
  • well influences at respiratory diseases;
  • reduces quantity of asthmatic attacks;
  • positively influences heart;
  • calms and strengthens nervous system;
  • allocates the owner with courage, inspiration, activates creative energy;
  • in the house cleans space from a negative.

Myths and legends

There is a legend telling about how agate received the name. Once in the territory of Ancient Greece there lived eagles of tremendous force and reason. One of settlements was attacked somehow by the angry magician, and the eagle who was flying by in height could not endure the atrocities created by it. He went down and battled against the magician. And though won, itself gave life for civilians. Eyes kind heart of an eagle turned into two large agate. Besides, this stone sometimes call "the Creator's eye".

Deposits of stone

Agate is extracted from volcanic breeds, its large-scale deposits are in Brazil and Uruguay. Also it is extracted in the Urals, there are mines in the Caucasus. Besides it is delivered from Africa, South America, India and Mongolia. There are certain sites on production in the Crimea.