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Rhodochrosite is a mineral which was found for the first time by Inca. They considered that the stone has magic properties and is capable to cure of a disease. Today mineral often use for meditative the technician and harmonizations of the atmosphere in the house by the principles the hair dryer-shuy. Rhodochrosite releases the hidden memoirs, helps to find the way to lives.

Medical and magical properties

Litoterapevta say that use of rhodochrosite saves from different diseases, it:

  • promotes treatment from eczema, psoriasis, anemia;
  • restores pressure;
  • helps at diseases of joints;
  • cleans a liver;
  • favorably influences nervous system;
  • pushes to an exit from a depression;
  • strengthens a cardiovascular system, etc.

Magic properties first of all connect with restoration of peace of mind. Receiving a mascot from rhodochrosite, the person feels how the negative recedes and instead of it the stream of joy and light force comes. Mineral protects from a lie and helps to improve the relations with people.

Myths and legends

Rhodochrosite is called a love stone. There is a beautiful legend of the powerful wizard living deeply underground. He was not a person and climbed to the surface very seldom, hardly more than once in a decade. Once he met in forests at a foot of its mountains of marvelous beauty the woman. That was favourably ready and agreed to go down under the earth where celebrated a wedding. However she so loved sunlight and the blossoming glades that the magician had to create for it stone flowers that she could wait quietly for that moment when they are able to rise to the surface together again.

Deposits of stone

Rhodochrosite of diverse shades is extracted worldwide. Fields are located in the Ural Mountains, Kazakhstan. Production is conducted in Argentina, in the territory of the USA, in Japan, Mongolia, China. There are mines in Australia, Yugoslavia, Romania.