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Fluorite is a mineral which is obliged by the name to surprising property: it can radiate light in the dark or when heating. Quite so it is possible to check whether you got the real stone. Mineral makes favorable impact on meteosensitive people and reduces pain. It is popular also with the people close to mysticism. It is capable to absorb the negative energy directed to the owner thereby protecting him.

Medical and magical properties

Fluorite well influences the people having epilepsy helps a cardiovascular system, normalizes pressure. With its help it is simpler to have stresses and nervous tension. The stone helps to calm down and fall asleep without nightmares, adjusts a dream rhythm. It is noticed that it significantly facilitates a state having multiple sclerosis.
The most part of curative properties of a stone is explained by existence in composition of fluorine. Actually, it provides a luminescence. In terms of mystical qualities, fluorite:

  • gives to the owner forces and it helps to be exempted from captivity of emotions;
  • allows to harmonize the relations with other people;
  • it is applied in the magic rituals designed to protect love feelings.

There is an opinion that the stone is capable to help the owner to see the future as opens the third eye.

Myths and legends

The interesting story is told about such kind of fluorite as "Blue John". This stone is got in England, on the mines located in Derbyshire. It is considered that surprising coloring is given to local fluorite draconian by breath. Dragons left to live under mountains after in their primordial habitats built church. Getters often call the same version a mountain flower.

Deposits of stone

China, Mongolia and Mexico can brag of the richest fields of mineral. In Russia it is got in Primorye, in Buryatia, in Siberia. The mines are also located in Spain, in the territory of the USA, in Norway and Italy. Several fields are located in Tajikistan.