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Pearls – mineral of animal origin, as gives it unusual properties and qualities. It is the fine indicator of health: it grows dull if the disease begins. In many cultures was a symbol of wellbeing, beauty and support from mystic forces.

Medical and magical properties

Besides that pearls will be able to warn the owner about approach of a disease, it has also other qualities:

  • improves memory and stabilizes work of nervous system;
  • allows to restore work of a liver;
  • helps to work to kidneys;
  • stabilizes arterial blood pressure;
  • it is applied to treatment of sight.

Attribute to pearls a set of properties — he protects from enemies and thieves, pacifies, saves from love sufferings, helps with business and protects from gossips. In different cultures he acts as a fidelity symbol in marriage, fertility, longevity. Guarantees wellbeing.

Myths and legends

Pearls were connected with Aphrodite who left ocean waves, but besides this there is a set of another stories, not less poetical and beautiful. For example, Kalidas's poet told that pearls are the clean drops of rain water caught by nacreous shutters of mollusks. Having caught a drop, those fall by a seabed and turn it into a firm roundish pearl.

Deposits of stone

Depending on subspecies, pearls are extracted:

  • freshwater — today receive on farms, it is widespread also in the nature in many countries;
  • oceanic — is most often got in Hawaii, in Australia and Indonesia, highly appreciated most;
  • sea — is generally delivered from China.