Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz – a heart stone. He received such name for ability to bring a pacification and love. He gives sympathy and deep understanding of harmony of the world. He is not deprived and of medicinal properties. It is a mascot for attraction in life of deep feelings and finding of family happiness.

Medical and magical properties

The stone protects from vital disorders and adversities and also has curative forces:

  • purifies skin, pushes to natural rejustarts regeneration processes;
  • normalizes work of a cardiovascular system;
  • helps work of kidneys;
  • favorably influences brain activity.

Magic properties are in many respects connected with interpersonal relationship. Besides, it promotes a pacification and gives tranquility. It adds to women of a charm and gives to men longevity.
Mascots for strengthening of friendly relations and cutting off of bad influence are used.

Myths and legends

Rose quartz in some cultures is called a gift of gods which is capable to attract true love and does not allow the owner to plunge into false hobby. On other legends it is the hardened juice of young Earth. Contact with it promises to teach harmonious relationship with the whole world, with wildlife.

Deposits of stone

In Russia the main fields are located in the Subpolar Urals, in Altai and in Karelia. Besides, the mines are in the USA, production is conducted in Germany, Japan. Samples on Madagascar, in the south of Africa and in Brazil are got.