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Malachite – the beautiful stone long since enjoying love and popularity. It was applied to a make-up, it became the mascot preserving children, was used in magic ceremonies. The symbol of knowledge and wisdom, this mineral is used in jewelry and decorative hand-made articles. The stone well affects human health. Litoterapevta recommend to put a plate to a sore point to facilitate pain.

Medicinal and magic properties

Malachite was called a health stone as it:

  • reduces inflammations and returns to skin fresh complexion;
  • reduces allergic manifestations;
  • favorably influences organs of vision;
  • stops bronchial cough;
  • well influences joints and a backbone;
  • strengthens a cardiovascular system;
  • it is applied at a toothache;
  • reduces a pain syndrome at radiculitis, etc.

It is possible to distinguish from magic properties:

  • cleans power and promotes opening of the third eye;
  • protects from a negative stream;
  • brings happiness, helps to reach harmony in family life and love;
  • helps travelers;
  • it allows to be exempted from the power of the past and to have hard times;
  • allocates the owner with attractiveness, attracts an opposite sex.

Myths and legends

There is a history confirming ability of malachite to protect from diseases. Once in Ancient Egypt there was cholera epidemic. The disease claimed many lives, people terribly suffered. And only those who worked in malachite mines did not undergo infection. Having seen it, Egyptians believed in force of a stone and began to esteem it especially.

of the Field of a stone

Large-scale deposits of malachite are located in the Ural Mountains. There are mines in Namibia, Zaire. Get a stone and in France. In Israel the field is also located.