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Diopside is rich in shades, and received such name for diversity. The stone cleans the power field of the person from a negative, stimulates work of heart. It was appreciated by mystics and magicians the whole scale of merits.

Medical and magical properties

It is known that carrying diopside promotes improvement of work of a cardiovascular system and interferes with a heart attack, protects from stenocardia and emergence of atherosclerotic plaques. Carry it and as prevention and treatment of diseases of a respiratory system. Besides, it helps the best digestion of food.
The stone well influences nervous system and is capable to improve a condition of the people suffering from a depression.
Among the most known magic properties it is possible to specify such:

  • consciousness clarification,
  • restoration of power balance,
  • clairvoyance.

It is considered that diopside helps to interpret signs and to cause sympathy in people.

Myths and legends

From Slavic ancestors legends reached that the diopside crystal hidden in a bag helped witch doctors to collect right herbs. Besides, thanks to influence of a stone travelers did not go astray, did not wander in the forest. People trusted, as on roads of life diopside will conduct the owner only in the right direction.

Deposits of stone

Generally diopside is extracted in India. Fields are available in Altai, in the field of Baikal region and in some other regions of Russia. Hromdipsida called by the Siberian emeralds are got in Yakutia. Yellow stones are characteristic of the mines of the USA, gentle-blue and lilacky are got in Italy. In addition, production is carried out in Sri Lanka, Canada, Pakistan.

Silver rings with narural chrome diopside

Silver earrings with narural chrome diopside

Silver jewelry with narural chrome diopside