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Amethyst is a transparent or semitransparent stone of purple shades, a type of quartz. It harmonizes one's mind, relieves stress, improves blood circulation, facilitates intellectual development and personal growth. It is considered also good for headaches and insomnia, may serve as an antidote, helps to get rid of alcoholism and gives its owner insight by opening its third eye (linked to the Ajna chakra). While used in meditation, it helps to relax and calm down. Placed under one's pillow, amethyst brings good dreams.

Healing and magical properties

Amethyst helps:
  • to strengthen your nervous system;
  • with normalization of functioning of certain departments of brain;
  • to clean blood and to encourage the blood formation;
  • to level up your intelligence;
  • to cure speech impediments;
  • with confronting the vices, especially drunkenness;
  • to charm against wounds and skin diseases;
  • with learning of how to control your emotions;
  • to alleviate mental sufferings;
  • to reach the peace of mind.

Myths and legends

There's a legend of Dionysus, the god of merriment and wine, associated with amethyst. He had a tendency to fall in love all the time – as well as had the other gods of the Greek pantheon. One day he met a beautiful nymph named Amethyst and fell in love with her. But she flatly rejected him. The point was that she was already in love with someone else.
Dionysus was persistent, but all in vain. In the end Artemis intervened. Upon her will the nymph turned into a wonderfully beautiful stone, capable of resisting inebriety.

Amethyst deposits

Amethyst is common throughout the world. Its crystals are usually found in the fractures and cavities of igneous rocks. The best stones are mined on Kola Peninsula, in Brazil, the Ural Mountains, North America and Uruguay. There are also more modest deposits in Germany, Armenia, and Madagascar, and even in Ceylon.