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Aquamarine is the beryl subspecies differing in an azure, blue or blue color. Green versions meet. The name comes from Latin as the stone was considered as Poseidon's gift. Well influences an organism, strengthens the immune system, protects from rumors and reveals a lie, can dim if the owner is threatened by misfortune.

Medical and magical properties

Aquamarine has the whole range of merits. Modern litoterapevta claim that:

  • the stone favorably influences a liver and digestive tract;
  • helps to cope with the illnesses of airways, including with tuberculosis;
  • positively influences sore joints and it is recommended to those who suffers from arthrosis or arthritis;
  • promotes treatment from an allergy;
  • favorably influences other skin diseases, it is useful at eczema, dermatitis of different character;
  • it is recommended at varicosity;
  • normalizes work of a thyroid gland;
  • improves sight.

It is possible to distinguish the following from magic means:

  • helps the owner to feel more surely and to see a lie in others words;
  • strengthens, does stronger and is more hardy;
  • allows to reach compromise and to agree with others;
  • helps to keep love.

Myths and legends

Besides the myth that Poseidon presented aquamarine to people there are other legends of its origin. For example, such: young beloved were separated, and the young man died in the sea abyss. His bride came every day to the ocean coast and mourned it. The cleanest tears hardened in cold waves and turned into semi-precious stones of unprecedented beauty.

Deposits of stone

Aquamarines are extracted in Transbaikalia, the Ilmen mountains and in the Urals. Brazil is considered the leader in production. Quality stones are got in Nigeria, deliver them from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Besides, fields are scattered across the territory of India, China, are available in America (northern continent) and Argentina. In the countries of Europe it is got in Ireland and in Norway.