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Serafinit - it is the iridescent stone which is positively influencing a mental condition of the person. This mineral was considered a gift of seraphs, shestikryly angels and therefore attributed it medicinal properties and applied in magic practicians. There is an opinion that he is capable to enhance a number of natural qualities, for example, modesty and firmness, love and mercy.

Medical and magical properties

By serafinit influenced on:
  • cardiovascular system;
  • skin;
  • nervous system;
  • upper airways.

The stone allowed to reduce headaches and to reduce the frequency of attacks of migraine, to stop skin aging processes, to normalize pressure, etc.
It was widely used in magic rituals. Helped to concentrate and understand himself. There is an opinion that most of all it suits people who devote themselves to service to God, that who decided to be engaged in public affairs, to heal or learn. He brings to the owner welfare, protects the house from evil forces and natural disasters.

Myths and legends

The legend says that in those days when communication between people and angels was stronger, seraphs with six wings often went down on the earth. However times changed, and angels came more and more seldom. That people did not forget about them at all, they left a surprising stone on the earth, peering into which, it is possible to see their hopes which are poured in color wings. Sometime angels to return again, and serafinit again will become feathers from their wings.

Deposits of stone

The most large-scale deposits are located in the Ural Mountains, however production is conducted in the countries of Europe (Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Scotland, etc.), in Russia (Baikal) and also in the territory of the USA, in Japan, in Pakistan and Korea.