Сhoose yours stone

Jewelry art over the years develops, and the skill is perfected. Each product – this masterpiece, and among thousands of models, of course, there is a wish to find that which will be the most favourite. And if it is possible to decide on the general style quickly, then the choice of the natural stone in jewelry requires a little time. No matter, you look for something for yourself, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and, maybe, the colleague or the beloved – it is important to choose the stone. For this purpose it is necessary to consider personal preferences and even traits of character. But having purchased the suitable stone, ornament will become not just delightful accessory, but the faithful companion or even the mascot which will please for many years!

Natural stones conceal in themselves a set of the secrets and secrets revealing over time. Shamans and Aesculapians of antiquity used minerals in magic rituals and for treatment of diseases. Today also use the force of stones, and their medicinal properties have scientific confirmation. Astrology did not stand aside. Many know what stone belongs to the zodiac sign what planets and constellations have the impact on the fate of the person what months of year or even days correspond to these or those natural minerals.

Silver, lunar gloss covering the chosen stone is not only ornament, but also a strong mascot for those who believe in force of nature. For this reason rings, earrings, bracelets in which the natural stone shines will be pleasant to everyone!

What to pay attention when choosing to

Choosing a suitable stone, people most often are guided by the following features:

  • esthetic preferences;
  • zodiac sign or Chinese horoscope;
  • magic capabilities;
  • curative properties.

Powerful internal potential of stones is notable even those who are far from esoterics. That "work", the natural stone does not need belief of the one who wears ornament with it so when choosing a gift you can quite pick up such mineral which will help the person to adjust the life and internal circulation of energy, to clean it from negative impacts from the outside, to protect from the evil and evil thoughts.

If you choose a stone for yourself, then listen to the thoughts and desires, think what moves you why you want a stone blue (or any other) colors – is possible the matter is that subconsciously you feel the shortage of salutary influences which sapphire, an iolite or lazurite can present? If you love a certain semi-precious stone and already made the choice, useful will esteem about it – perhaps, it will help you to understand better that it so attracted you why the stone "called" you.

Silver jewelry with natural stones: how to choose

Silver is called light and pure metal. It suits women and men of all age. It is possible to choose ornament from silver, being guided by the next moments:

  • it is important that color of a stone and an eye or a favourite dress were combined or were identical;
  • it is good if the stone in a silver frame approaches on zodiac sign;
  • as the main criterion it is possible to deliver certain qualities of character of future owner to realize the potential mortgaged by the Nature;
  • silver jewelry with a stone can also be selected as a protective mascot, that is making a start from magic and curative properties of mineral.

In our catalog there is detailed information, relying on which you will be able simply and quickly to find suitable ornament. If necessary ask our consultants the question, and they surely will help council!