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Labradorite – a stone which called before a peacock eye. Surprisingly iridescent, it fascinated people since the beginning of times. There are several versions: the ox-eye, tavusit, the black moon, lynxes of eyes, spektrolit. Was considered that the stone protects the owner from troubles, both from people, and from powers of darkness. He helped to recover from injuries and treated infertility.

Medical and magical properties

There is a lot of medicinal properties attributed to this mineral:

  • cures articulate pains at arthritises or arthroses;
  • helps to improve a condition of nervous system;
  • improves functioning of an urinogenital system, removes stones and sand;
  • improves fertile function;
  • favorably affects sight;
  • promotes memory improvement.

It is proved that jewelry with this stone promotes a metabolism and helps to be restored quicker.
The stone and magic properties is not deprived: it not only can become a good protective charm, but also helps to find the hidden talents. Labradorite helps eager to find love, promotes advance on a career ladder, especially favorably influences people of creative professions. Harmonizes the atmosphere in the house.

Myths and legends

One of myths presented to labradorite the additional name — a giperboreysky rainbow. Inhabitants of Giperborei, the most powerful civilization, looked after people, then not having any civilization yet. They presented splinters of an iridescent stone to the cave person. Hyper Boreas its beauty died from a natural cataclysm, but, the power and a creative power were put into crystals which can present to the owner a particle of the lost knowledge.

Deposits of stone

Besides the mines on the island of Labrador, the stone is got in the Himalayas, in the north of Europe, in Dominican Republic. There are mines and in Australia.