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Chrysoprase – a surprising stone which brings to the owner good luck and helps to achieve a victory. Its curative forces are long since noted by the person, especially recommend mineral to those who suffer from deterioration in sight or other eye diseases. It preserves a dream of the owner and protects from a malefice.

Medical and magical properties

Chrysoprase improves a metabolism, jewelry with this stone gives forces and cheerfulness. It helps to cope with the illnesses of organs of vision, improves a condition of endocrine glands, reduces a pain syndrome at rheumatism and migraine.
The stone is capable to improve a psychoemotional state, to push to an exit from a depression, to save from disturbing dreams. Also it prevents spasms.
Among magic properties it is worth mentioning:

  • help in business and affairs;
  • attraction of good luck;
  • protection against a negative, slander and malefice.

Chrysoprase in the house brings rest and a pacification, allows to improve the relations and to strengthen friendship.

Myths and legends

The fact that the stone brings a victory proves a historic fact: Alexander of Macedon relied on the chrysoprase mascot and everywhere carried it with himself. The stone served it for many years, it was set in a belt which the commander took off only when bathing. Once in a campaign Alexander decided to bathe in the river, and the belt with an amulet left ashore. The snake dumped it in water, having deprived of the commander of magic protection. Soon after this case he was seriously ill.

Deposits of stone

The mines where mineral is extracted, are concentrated in Western Australia in the territory of the USA, in Brazil. There are fields in Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland.