White Quartz

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White Quartz

White Quartz long since fascinated people by surprising purity. Bowls from crystal used for clarification of wine from poison. It well influences cerebration, has the curative properties confirmed with modern litoterapevta. It is a stone of fortunetellers and prophets from which created magic spheres, it was appreciated at all times.

Medical and magical properties

It is necessary to distinguish the following from useful qualities:

  • reduces pain from grazes, helps to reduce or remove hematomas;
  • reduces temperature at fever;
  • favorably influences nervous system, improves a dream;
  • it is applied during massage;
  • heals wounds;
  • releases the hidden potential of the person, including ekstrasensorny abilities;
  • gives to the owner the chance to calm down and put thoughts in order, is a symbol of logicality of reason.

Myths and legends

Was considered that gods will not dare to refuse to the person who entered the temple with a bowl from White Quartz. Greeks very much appreciated a stone, and even Neron used pair cups for drink from this mineral. In many cultures it became attribute of mysticism and sorcery, magicians, shamans and witches used stone forces to begin to see clearly the future and to contact with the highest forces.

Deposits of stone

Large crystals get only on Central Ural Mountains and also in the Alps (French and Swiss). Other fields are located in Yakutia, Brazil, are available in Kazakhstan and China.