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Chalcedony – a stone which found application in different spheres of life. Jewelry and hand-made articles, mortars for production of pharmaceutical medicines, a frame for pictures and embroideries and even a tile for bathtubs does not do without it. Chalcedony at sleep disorders helps, gives energy and returns cheerfulness. This mineral saves from melancholy and grief.

Medical and magical properties

Mineral is useful to hypertensive persons as it allows to normalize pressure. It strengthens a cardiovascular system, well influences a condition of nervous system, helping to be exempted from uneasiness and depressive frustration.
It is possible to distinguish the following from magic properties:

  • balances streams of vital energy,
  • helps women to find love and to keep the relations,
  • saves from a malefice and damage,
  • saves from negative power.
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Myths and legends

The stone was called the keeper of the past. On legends, it is capable to accumulate in itself(himself) information and to store it years and years. That person who will be able to try a key to a stone will get access to all accumulated knowledge and will realize the potential.
In addition chalcedony gave the chance to get under a veil of secrecy that who dreamed to learn about own last embodiments. Learning circumstances of antecedents, the person receives a great gift. It can analyse the way and find points in which could change it.

Deposits of stone

The richest fields are located in India and Brazil. There are mines in Uruguay. In the territory of Russia production is conducted on Chukotka and in Siberia.