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Kyanite — a blue stone, however depending on the content of impurity of metals maybe other shades. It rather rare and beautiful, some crystals have effect of "a cat's eye". It is considered that the stone promotes improvement of the general condition of the person, allows to remain faithful and allocates the owner with modesty.

Medical and magical properties

Kyanite is useful to those who often have a stress as he is capable to increase the general vitality and brain activity. In stressful situations and at insomnia the stone helps to improve considerably a state and to calm down. Kyanite influences cellular metabolism, helps during diseases of a bladder and kidneys.
It is necessary to distinguish the following from magic properties:

  • helps to achieve the objectives and to choose the correct way to lives;
  • directs the owner to glory and wealth;
  • promotes career development;
  • preserves against envious persons and it is weaved;
  • helps to become more judicious if the person is inclined to risky actions;
  • pushes to knowledge, helps to study.

Myths and legends

About this mineral there are many beautiful legends. Kenyans call it "god's eye". Was considered that, suspended on a human hair, Kyanite will always specify the right direction to the traveler. In China there is a beautiful myth how demons burned lands, and gods had to revive them for what they disseminated seeds. Not all seeds could ascend as if fell asleep, and these sleeping grains of divine revival became Kyanites.

Deposits of stone

There are mines in the USA, however there this stone was recognized as strategically important, and it practically does not get on the market. A number of the mines is available in Nepal and also Karelia. In the Ural Mountains there is a field too, developments are conducted on the Kola Peninsula and in the Arkhangelsk region.