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Marcasite – the stone which was once called drop silver was faceted definitely. It is considered that the crystals left in the room disseminate negative energy, and jewelry multiplies strength of the owner. Besides he helps to cure spleen diseases.

Medical and magical properties

Medicinal properties attributed to this mineral a little, however it is established that it really positively influences a condition of a spleen. In addition the crushed crystals use for treatment of some skin diseases.
Magic properties of a stone are mysterious. The ability to protect from negative energy, especially children therefore several hand-made articles or crystals are recommended to have in children's bedrooms is attributed to it. In addition, marcasite serves as the bridge between the past and reality in a magic ceremony.
Carrying marcasite favorably influences internal forces of the owner, making active them, promotes success in affairs, resolute changes. Ancient alchemists called it fiery.

Myths and legends

Magic properties of mineral were described in legends of Inca. They made marcasite mirrors by means of which could communicate with the gods. On legends, jewelry with this stone allowed Cleopatra to keep beauty and youth.

Deposits of stone

The stone is got:

  • in South Ural;
  • in Tula region;
  • in mountains of Central Ural Mountains;
  • in Germany;
  • in the Czech Republic,
  • in the territory of the USA.