Sterling Silver Jewelry with Tanzanite (natural)


Tanzanite is a unique natural stone, which is rarely found in nature and exclusively in one deposit in the world - in Tanzania. The name of the deposit and gave the name to this mineral. It was opened only a little earlier than half a century ago. Tanzanite is found in completely different shades: blue, bluish, lilac, blue-green shade of incredible depth and flawless transparency!The stone has not been used in jewelry for a long time. Thanks for the innovation can be the creator of the Tiffany jewelry house, who first saw artistic, aesthetic potential in tanzanite. By the way, it was this man who came up with the name of the mineral, which soon became incredibly popular.

Our catalog presents jewelry exclusively with natural tanzanites. Initially, a nondescript stone reveals all its splendor, all the radiance of its facets thanks to an exquisite professional cut. In the catalog, for example, you can find a stone in classic aristocratic forms of an oval or circle. There are jewelry with smooth, elegant cabochons.