Sterling Silver Jewelry with Garnet (natural)


Garnet was once called a man’s stone, and Alexander of Macedon especially loved it. Gradually, women appreciated jewelry with him. At first, the jewelery of a noble aristocracy began to adorn the stone: ladies of venerable age chose them, and then young girls were imbued with the depth of color and beauty of the cut of this magnificent mineral. Today, the bewitching charm of the stone of love and courage has conquered people of all ages.Pomegranate can be of various shades, although red is considered classic. Sometimes stones appear in which several tones are combined at once, which looks especially original. The warm modulations of scarlet inspire and arouse interest in life, so natural garnets bring considerable benefits to the owner.

In our store you can buy amazing jewelry that uses exclusively natural stones. We will check them, including at gemological institutes. You can familiarize with certificates on the website.