Sterling Silver Jewelry with Citrine (natural)


Citrine stone is a unique natural mineral, characterized by richness and brightness of color. If, however, natural stones are correctly cut, its radiance can be overcome even with the overflow of brilliant faces!A distinctive feature of citrine is its attractive sunny tint - a yellow stone can be light, almost transparent, and can be as saturated as the amber sheen of a cat's orange eye ...

By the way, the stone, which is a kind of quartz, got its name only in the 18th century - before that it was beautifully called "Bohemian topaz". By the way, a very interesting belief is connected with citrine: the ancient Greeks, for example, believed that citrine is a famous philosopher's stone, therefore only very influential people - rich people, politicians, and most respected public speakers - had the right to wear it.

Our catalog presents various jewelry with "philosophical" citrines - all the stones are natural and genuine, and their origin is carried out and confirmed by gemological institutes. Therefore, choosing a jewelry, you can be sure that you will get natural citrine - with all its properties and features.