Sterling Silver Jewelry with Smoky Quartz (natural)

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a stone that is mistakenly considered to be a galaxy of topazes, adding the epithet "smoky" to the name. However, jewelers using this expression should not be judged. This smoky quartz (this is the second name will be more faithful and fair) amazes the imagination with the beauty of its color. Natural natural stone looks as if warm sunlight passes through it and is caught in a transparent, tear-like cage - and the Smoky Quartz turns out to be so seductively smoky, attractive and elegant.Smoky Quartz is always an opportunity to stand out and attract attention, because a deep, enchanting stone looks aristocratic and noble, bold and elegant.

You can choose a suitable jewelry in our catalog. We have stones of various cuts and shades. For example, you can enjoy a dark stone, something resembling morion, or light and fragile, delicate, similar to pale citrine