Eternal shining

by Администратор Главный

Action "Eternal Shine"

the Action is an expanded guarantee for the products acquired in our Lazurit-Online online store. The products acquired throughout all term of work of Lazurit-Online online store since 2009 participate in an action.

According to action conditions, each buyer can address for free restoration or coating application on silver ornament, free polishing and cleaning of products, a free insert and selection of the dropped-out stones during mechanical damages and not only.

Absolutely free services are:
- restoration of a covering: white rhodium, yellow gold, pink gold, red gold. Regardless of type of the covering put earlier;
- installation of the dropped-out stones is made also free of charge, the cost of the lost stone is calculated individually (IN MOST CASES FREE OF CHARGE).

Payment for delivery of ornament to repair and return pays off individually and depends on the sum of the orders issued earlier and remoteness of the buyer. Delivery is in most cases free, at paid delivery or return of 50% of cost is compensated by bonus points. To calculate the cost of delivery and return you can in an online chat or by phone in advance:

We appreciate trust of our Buyers and we help to care for the acquired jewelry!