Choose your colour

In our online store you can choose in what color your silver jewelry with natural stones will be plated. We offer you the following types of a plating: White Rhodium (Rh), Palladium (Pd), Yellow Gold (Au), Pink Gold (Au), Red Gold (Au).

White Rhodium (Rh) – the most popular plating for silver jewelry. Protects from tarnishing, enhances natural gloss of silver, gives the increased resistance to scratches and damages. Rhodium one of the most expensive metals! On hardness exceeds gold and platinum. For plated rhodium plating we use qualitative German means of "UMICOR" - Germany.

Palladium (Pd) – rare precious metal. Protects silver jewelry from tarnishing and give them noble metal colour similar to rhodium, but is one tone more dark. For palladium plating we use high-quality means of "Wieland" - Germany, for ensuring the best uniformity of plating and maintaining gloss of your jewelry.

Yellow Gold (Au), Pink Gold (Au), Red Gold (Au) – at us you can not only plated your jewelry with gold, but also choose a shade of a gold plating!
Gold plated – a popular way of plating a protective coating on silver jewelry. Besides the bringing of gold color to your jewelry, the thin layer of gold protects from oxidation. For more lasting effect of gilding and durability of a plating we in addition put a palladium underlayer (Pd).

Colors of gold plating conform to the Swiss color NIHS standard:

Yellow gold color (the 24th carat) conforms to the Swiss color NIHS standard - 2N24ct
Pink gold color conforms to the Swiss color NIHS standard - 4N
Red gold color conforms to the Swiss color NIHS standard - 5N
Producer "Wieland" - Germany

Choose in what color and with what properties there will be your unique jewelry!